We facilitate lean-agile transitions from an agile greenfield to an agile enterprise and anywhere in between.


Agile Team Coaching

Program/Portfolio and team agile coaching: Whether you are a mid-sized technology company or multi-national financial institution, we will be able to provide the follow services individually or in a package:

  • Initial assessment
  • Baseline training
  • Role specific coaching programs and agility growth plan
  • Coaching of management and secondary roles
  • Regular follow up
  • Flexible support term

Enterprise Agile transformation

Enterprise Agile Transformation is a new form of organizational change that requires insights, skill, experience and deep agile knowledge to deal with its unique challenges. As part of our commitment to our clients, we will:

  • emerse into the current system to learn its currents
  • help identify the best opportunities to launch the pilots
  • help build and grow the core change team
  • co-create the change road map
  • guide the construction of your own agile framework
  • boot strap the pilot team launch
  • spark grass root interest and build momentum
  • facilitate the formation of both formal and informal groups to sustain long term business agility

Agile Training

Our agile training is tailored to our clients need, budget and schedule. It is a perfect companion to our coaching which is always offered as a follow up service. Training without coaching is studying a new language without tutoring. While it may work, the progress is much slower as one tries to counter each subtlety in real life. Coaching without training is trail by fire. Again, it may work, but you can also get burned.