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patrick Li

Whether through coaching, training, or mentoring, Patrick is passionate about improving client's personal capability, business value generation ability, and organizational agility. Lean-agile transformation is a change, and it must be done for a real purpose. We should change to optimize flow, consistent flow will enable sustainability, and sustainable performance will ultimately lead to long lasting results

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At Caterpillar (2014)

At Caterpillar (2014)

Glenn Marshall

Glenn is an Agile facilitator and coach with a passion for positive, cooperative teamwork.  Glenn focuses on the subtle human factors that are essential for success with Agile personally, on the team, and within the organization.  Glenn’s experience with teams has proven that by listening, adapting and serving, most teams can sustainably become self organizing, courageous, High Performance teams that consistently delight the customer, much more than is generally perceived.

Farshad Gheshlaghi

Farshad is a professional engineer holding a PhD degree from University of Waterloo. Versatile and highly accomplished Program/Portfolio Manager, Agile coach and Organization Transformation Agent, with over 25 years of Management and Program Management experience in IT department in enterprise organizations. Have been coaching Agile teams and leading enterprise organizations in their Agile Transformation journey since 2010.